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Snow Removal Contract

Contract Payment Terms, PLEASE READ AND SIGN: The Contract price for snow blowing for the 2023-2024 Winter Season is provided below. The FULL CONTRACT PAYMENT is required upon signed agreement of this Contract by; cheque to SOUTHPAW CONTRACTING, or e-transfer to SOUTHPAWCONTRACTING@BELL.NET. Please include your full name and address in the notes section of the e-transfer so we know which account to apply payment to. Please read over the Contract, initial, and sign all fillable boxes. Once complete, click send and you will receive a copy of the contract. Contract is void until full payment is made. Your agreed rate will be provided prior to receiving this contract and will be sent in an invoice. Any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email as per the above information. We thank you for your business.
Contract is Valid from November 15, 2023 - April, 15, 2024, of the indicated season or up to the total accumulation of 275cm or 9 ft. of snow as recorded by the local weather bureau at the Ottawa International Airport. If the seasonal snowfall amount exceeds 275cm (9 ft.), before the end of this contract, the Homeowner, herein known as ‘the Customer’’ agrees to pay a surcharge, per visit, price will be determined at the time, and what the limit is exceeded by. Customers will be contacted BY EMAIL just before the above amount is reached and have an option to OPT OUT at that time. If we do not receive any communication opting out of the snow surcharge, we will continue to service your laneway and the surcharge will apply. Please initial that you understand the snow surcharge.
Snow removal means moving or blowing snow from the described physical area to any area close by on the same property. It is the Client’s responsibility to provide an adequate space for the snow piling. No loading or snow transportations, sanding, salting, de-icing or hand shoveling is included in this Contract unless otherwise specified. Southpaw, herein known as ‘the Contractor’, shall not be held responsible in any way for damages or claims due to icy or slippery conditions.
Snow blowing will be carried out after 5cm (2inches) or more in such a way as to best serve our clients in the professional judgment of the Contractor, and taking into consideration the next 24 hours of forecasted accumulations. If the forecast calls for only 5-10cms of snow we may wait until the snow fall has finished so everything is cleaned in one pass. BLIZZARD CLAUSE: In the event of blizzard or severe snow fall conditions i.e.; sustained winds of 50 km/h or more, or accumulation of 5cm/2 inches or more an hour, route completion times will be increased and it will take longer to service all Customers. We ask for our Customer’s patience in completing the routes during Blizzard like conditions. Any snowfall that is less than 5cm (2 inches) is the responsibility of the Customer. The Contractor must be permitted access to your property at any time of the day or night.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee an exact time when we will be there as we can never tell when the snow begins. We always do our best to have all laneways cleared early in the morning and again in the afternoon. The Contractor will have the driveway cleaned 7 days a week, including Christmas and New Year’s. The Contractor will return for city plow-ins and final clean-up from each snow fall. Drifting snow callback’s is included in the Contract; however, it is the responsibility of the Homeowner to notify the Contractor for an additional clearing due to drifting snow.
The Contractor shall not be held responsible for any damages, caused by articles left in the snow removal area, nor property, such as; moveable objects; (Christmas lights, garbage cans, extension cords, down spouts, basketball nets, toys, etc. The Contractor shall not be responsible for any damages arising from scraping, scratching, or rusting of driveways (asphalt or interlock). The Contractor cannot be responsible for damage caused by salt or gravel dispersed out of the blower chute and onto the Customer’s lawn. If damages do occur, they must be reported within 7 days of the snow incident.
The Contractor will install (2) two laneway markers prior to the winter season, close to the street. It is the Client’s responsibility to supply and install additional markers around immoveable objects such as: steps, retaining walls, elevated patio stones, ramps, which may become invisible when covered by snow. The Contractor will not be responsible for damaging immoveable objects unidentified by protective markers.
It is the Client’s responsibility to move the vehicle(s) within a reasonable timeframe before the final clearing and to respect his or her Municipal By-Laws. In the event that vehicles are left in the driveway, snow will only be cleared in the accessible areas to the street. Additional Requests for snow clearing; i.e.; where a vehicle was parked, etc., more than 48 hours after the finish of a snowfall event, will have a surcharge, that will be discussed. This is in addition to the Contract price.
There will be a $25.00 administrative fee charged to the Customer on all cheques returned for any reason.
In the event of late payment (30 days after contract is signed and returned), or not received before snow season begins, there will be an additional 2% monthly charge added onto Snow Invoice. Also, upon the breach of any of the conditions herein on the part of the Client, this Contract shall be rendered null and void. Southpaw Contracting Inc. shall be released from all liability for services to that time, and shall not be required to perform any further services under this Agreement. If the Contractor is proven to be in breach of any of the conditions herein, this Contract shall be canceled as of the date of notification and the client reimbursed for any amounts prepaid from that date for the balance of the Contract period. In the event of sale or re-occupation of the Client’s house, this Contract will not be canceled or refunded, but may be transferred into the name of the new Occupants. The contract does not begin until full payment is received. Please initial.
The Contractor is fully insured for public liability and property damage insurance.
All Times, records and accumulations are based on what is reported by Environment Canada Reports. For updates call 613-998-9439
Please note that verbal abuse towards our Employees will not be tolerated. Abuse includes threats, swearing, shouting both in person, and over the phone. Any abuse will result in the cancellation of your snow contract in which there will be no refund. Please initial that you respect our policy towards abuse towards staff and understand that any abuse will result in cancellation of snow contract with no refund